Friday, May 30, 2008

Fresh fish soup

Ingredients Handy Measure
Fresh fish (any type but preferable catfish) 1 medium
Fresh shrimps or prawns 1 hand full
African nutmeg 5 seeds
Enge 1 pod
Emilo 1 seed
Lemon grass 1 blade
Dry ground pepper 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Onion 1 medium
Fresh red pepper for hotness

Remove seeds of enge from pod and add to other spices and grind
Grind the onion and fresh pepper.
Clean the fish and cut to about 3 pieces and rub with salt
Boil all the ingredients in about half a litre of water for 10 mins.
Add fish and shrimps to the boiling ingredients and put off the cover until the quantity is reduced by half

It can be served with boiled rice, yam or plantain. It can also be served as appetizer.

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Nilz said...

I like to read your dishes, but here it may not be easy to arrange all stuff available in your country. Anyway, I'll try for it.


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