Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fried cowpea paste (Yoruba – Akara)

Handy measure
2 cups
Vegetable/palm oilEnough for deep frying
1 big size
Fresh red pepper
4 small size/ to taste
to taste
  • Hulled the cowpea
  • Mix with the chopped onion and fresh pepper and make to thick paste (check previous posts)
  • Whip till mixture very well to incorporate air
  • Add little water if necessary but it must not be watery
  • Chopped pepper and onions can also be added
  • Heat oil until it just begins to smoke
  • Drop the batter with spoon (desired size) into the hot oil
  • Flip them over when brown at a side
  • Leave till it browns at the other side too
  • Pree to remove excess oil
  • Then remove form the oil
It is best served hot with ogi (hot pap), eko (cold pap), bread, or can be eaten alone as snack

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