Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Steamed cowpea with melon (Yoruba – Jόgí)

Handy measure
2 cups
Melon seed (egusi)
Note: may be roasted or unroasted
1 cup
Chunky ingredients ( e. g. fish, corn beef, boiled egg, fresh crayfish, chopped liver, chooped ham e.t.c.)
As desired
1 big size
Dry red pepper optional
1 table spoon/to taste
Fresh red pepper
4 small size/ to taste
to taste
  • Hulled the cowpea
  • Mix with the melon, onion and fresh pepper and make to paste (check previous posts)
  • Add the chunky ingredient(s), salt and dry pepper if used
  • Whip adding hot water gradually to it
  • Whip till mixture coats the back of a spoon thickly
  • Wrap in leaves, cooking cellophanes or put in small baking tins about ¾ full
  • Cook in steamer for about 55mins.
It can be served with ogi, eko, rice, soaked gaari, bread and salad for light lunch

Longest time

It's been quite some time buddy. I had to go on compulsory holiday, but now am back. Thanks for being there.

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