Thursday, January 24, 2013

Egbo and Ewa
Handy Measure
Brown Cowpea
2 cups
Hulled dried corn
3 cups
Ground pepper (fresh)
3 cooking spoon
Ground onion
2 medium size
Palm oil
3 cooking spoon
Salt and seasoning
To taste
Enough o cook till tender

  • Cook the cowpea (ewa) as earlier explained but without adding pepper and palm oil 
  • Pick impurities out from the dried corn 
  • Place in a large pot and add water to at least thrice the volume of the corn
  • Add salt
  • Cook until corn is very  soft and becomes paste-like
  • To make sauce, fry pepper and onions in palm oil for 5minutes, add salt and other seasonings to taste
Add boiled corn (now called egbo) to the cowpea in desired proportion and add the sauce to taste

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