Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Handy measure


2 cups


1 big size

Fresh red pepper

5 medium size/ to taste


2 medium size

Palm/vegetable oil

4 dessert spoon

Chunky ingredients

( e. g. fish, corn beef, boiled egg, fresh crayfish, chopped liver, chopped ham e.t.c.)

As desired


to taste

  • Hulled the cowpea
  • Add onion, red pepper and tatase
  • Make the mixture into paste
  • Warm the oil and stir in
  • Add hot water slowly till mixture coats the back of the spoon
  • Fold in one or more of the chunky ingredients
  • Wrap in leaves, cooking cellophanes or put in small baking tins about ¾ full
  • Cook in steamer for about 55mins.
N.B. All chunky ingredient must be cooked and flaked or chopped into small chunks before added

It can be served with ogi, eko, rice, soaked gaari and salad

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